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Project Status/Process Post - Project Blue Mood
Project Blue MUD Object Oriented Daemons
Project Status/Process Post
Mood :

Periously Completed Action :
Written some groundwork for CSC

Status :

Next Plan of Action :
Working on CSC (Core Server Code)

Comments :
I've actually finally got something down and is actually working generally. Still a lot of work to do, but it now does
some basic things, like connect, send and recevie data. Not ready to move on yet however, I still want to build
up on this groundwork and see if I can clear up this rather annoying bugs of it still running in the background
and holding the last 1-4 bits of data. And of course, rewrite a bit for OOP design. (Which really, I need to get a pen
in my hand and on paper for. Design and planning for the win~!)

Next Milestone :
Simple working echo server with classes

Completed Milestone:
Set up and create a development area in freeBSD that I'm comfortable with

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