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Brainstorm version 3 - 02/09/2006 - Project Blue Mood
Project Blue MUD Object Oriented Daemons
Brainstorm version 3 - 02/09/2006

xx: Added line or note about changed removed line (e.g 02: I added this and deleted this cause blah)
// To be removed (will be deleted in next version, tis allows me to keep track of changes done)

03: More reasearch into freeBSD
03: Clearing up on some thoughts
03: Extra thoughts on help command
02: Changed desicion and going to run and develope code in FreeBSD.
02: Revoled some self disussions
02: Futher Explainions on others ideas, desicions.
01: For running server on windows 2003 server.

Two Core Codes - This is to keep two parts of the process seprate and allow for easier
       updating and Understanding of the codes. It's will hopefully also allow me to be
       able to "switch" out the cores. Say in the future I wanted to do a information server,
       I could easily just copy the Core Server Code and then create the information code.
       Or I could recreate Core Server Code with something different without having to
       touch the other core.

Core Server Code(CSC) - Is be the code responsable for running and keeping the server running
       We'll offload the MOO/MUCK/MUD programming into it's own Core Code
Core MOO/MUCK/MUD Code(MMC) - Is responsable for dealing with the data processing side,
    aka the game world.
//Note: Core Codes does not mean that they are all put together into one core file.
//    It's more of a grouping, it's also a way of being able to see which files belongs
//    to which part of the core.
//    e.g. SocketsCSC.cpp, ProtocalCSC.h or MooBasicMMC.cpp
Note: Core Codes does not mean that they are all put together into one single file.
    It's refers to grouping the program process together and it's also a way of being
    able to see which files belongs to which part of the core e.g. SocketsCSC.cpp,
    ProtocalCSC.h or MooBasicMMC.cpp

implentions plan (In no order)

     - Think about treading for other process, e.g - processing revc commands,
       Might just be simple to just get the treads to do it
  - FreeBSD handles treading/processing is a different way. I do need to do futher
    Research into this but it's lot more simplier to implentment then IOCP and easier to
    change in freeBSD, if a better solutions has come up.
  - When mutli-treading/process data is not shared between parents and child
    unless using critial section which uses up memory and resource and even thou
    they can control each other to some degree, they run indepentendly to reach other.
    Debugging multi-treading is also tricky due to this independent nature.
    Extreme care must be taken of how data is processed in each tread, this
    need to be well thought out.  This is also applies to treading under windows.

    - This function is used in BSD, an improvement on the select() in sockets, has a much better
      performence over select()
    - The downside is that it will kill portablity however I can later add select()/poll() and so
      on. But for windows, the real performances is to use IO Completion Port.

    - Signals is part of POSTIX(or however that spelt) and I will need to be able to deal
      with theses signals, like SIGUP to re-read config.
Telnet Protocal
     - Do I need this for MOO/MUCK/MUD Clients?
     - I could test for data in OOB
     - RFC can be bloody confusing -_-
     - I'll add this into Core Sever Code but allow it to be turned on/off if needed for
Server Configation:
     - Configations should be stored as a text file, specially configations that relates
       to the server start up. Other configs, I will stick into database, this should allow
       for config to be modified in real time.
     - In case of database corruption, or config being lost, I should allow configable
       defaults in the text file.

Other Protocals
  - If I ever need to add more protocals, I'll put them in Core Server Code
  - Allow to be turned on and off, May have it as a configuration option
  - Group All protocals together into one file
     - Will have to learn it sooner or later and the idea of it has slowly grows on me
     - It will be useful for this project and it does always seem cleaner when projects are in classes
       And it will allows me to reuse, and improve on code without actually causing a
       big effect elsewhere. Just takes some bit of getting head around to understand and use
     - Think about what classes and methods I will have

     - Expections I should build from the start, before it start getting complexs.
       This will give me huge control over my errors, and it's important to keeping server
       running and not fall over unneedlessly.

MOO/MUCK/MUD programming
     - Allow the Game world to be built in it's own program language from within
     - How would I build the language, in what way.
     - What Commands would I need and what actions
     - How should I store progamming that is created by users and read from it?
     - Error Checking, Secuitity/Safety
     - Idea is so that NPC AI, Monsters AI, Objects interations and so on, could be created.
     - Allow basic functions to be altered, such like the weather. (e.g. say if you wanted
      to add a werid weather where it rains frogs)

     - Unlike Programming, this will be repsoneable for BASIC actions, clearly
       basic actions should be inhereted into programming
     - What actions would be considered to be a basic action?
     - maybe for things geneic or background workings that either should not be programmable
       or things that just make up a basic gameworld //like the weather, sun and moon phases.
       03: like ground type, weather type.
       03: reason // weather, moon/sun phases while basic, don't have a fix patten. (aka,
       the world might have two suns and no moons.)
//     - Where should help command go, I think here because it is at least, a very basic command

     - There's two basic helps, one I shall call Help, to relate to game usage, and other man,
       for MUD Programming usage/syntax
     - provided easy access and allow it to edited, updated and added, inside game and outside
mySQL Backend
      - Our data storage
      - I may use a different database and implent a OOP DB but may not.
        This requires futher research
      - Backups and how would I pervert gameworld from losing data in case of unplanned downtime.
03:     Look also under downtime handling
      - Should this be part of core server code or not? Clearly, I'll should only ever have one
        or two connections during the time server is running.
   - Question, should I added database connection handling to CSC or MMC. If I add it
     to CSC then I could added on/off for it and it allow other core to have DB without
     recoding it over and over but would it better to code it with MMC, closer to core
     that need it and clearier, easier to visual data interaction.
   - Note on connection, I must be careful about permissions to Database. Damage Limition.

      - SSL?
      - How would I protect the server from all types of attacks?
      - Most text are fine as plain text but what should I do with user name and
        password? Does the current MUCK/MOO/MUD Clients have some sort of Secuity option
        that I can use to keep password safe at least?
      - Damage limition, allow only what is needed.
      - FreeBSD has this feature called JAIL, tis a niffy Secuity feature. It only allows
        process to interact with process within it own jail. Even if it ever gets superuser
        powers by a hacking attemp, it can't interact with anything outside the jail.
      - How should we deal with things like open proxies, and banned players(note on bans,
        what ban levels should I have? Of course, there's perm and temp, how long?
        second chance? character, account, ip level ban?)
      - I want to be able to keep track of what's going on within the game
        It'll allow people to keep track of any roleplaying chat.
           - Maybe add ways of seeing logs differently, e.g, see/hide OOC chats
           - Could store this logging in database and allow it to be accessable
             from web frontend. This would make above idea more simple to implentment
             and the logging easier to access then if it was stored in file.
           - Discuess, do I want to hold this forever or delete when it's old 03:(how old?)
           - Formatting, XML, RSS, etc?
      - Also I want to log data transfers, connections, uptime, downtime, etc
        For Statitics and debugging reasons.
           - Store this in a single or one for each new day or store in a database, etc?
           - Timestampped, must have
           - Should I add a special formatting. It be a good idea, could possible create
             an Another Program that can check and report as it happening, realtime data of
             gameworld. Or Allow this checking to happen in gameworld, this mean I could
             allow Admins or Mods to be able to keep an eye on what is happening within
             the game world?
           - What data should I be recording?
      - There are other things that's worth logging for increased secuity, like db connections
        Thinking about having a third set of recording so that admin could keep an eye out
        for anything happening that shouldn't be, a hacking attempt or game cheat.

Downtime handling
      - How should I handle downtime for different situtation.
      - Database downtime, I could create a small game world where everyone is together and
        keep trying(allows questions to be answered in this way but requires effort)
        or bounce connections with configurbale error(less effort but less player-admin
        relationship) And in the meantime, keep trying to connect.
      - I should allow for planned downtime, downtime notices broadcast.
      - Whenever possible, I will try and save the game state, however should the server get
        knocked off due to power lost, what recovery should be attempted?
      - How often should I save game state and how old should gamestate history should be kept
        (for events of corrupted game state saves, or for roll back in possible event of
        game hack)
PHP Second Frontend
      - Characters Screen
      - Second Signup
      - Etc, Full details will come under PHP frontend workings, tis to be part of second phase,
        second phase is most likely be after Core MOO/MUCK/MUD Code is in (or during)

Others thoughts
      - This is a two tier appoach, The first tier is the PHP and telnet server,
        the second is the mySQL database.
      - Being portable. It's not possible to be completely portable but I can work on
        keeping it simple and easy enought to make the right changes to allow code to be


As always, feel free to comments any ideas and comments to my brainstorm that you might have. I'm happy to read them ^-^

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zianchoy From: zianchoy Date: September 2nd, 2006 03:24 pm (UTC) (Link)
First, most of your project goes WAY over my head because I have no experience with databases or networking.
The security stuff is also way over my head. I've been primarily a desktop application programmer.
So I'll only be able to contribute in the following ways:
--Spelling and grammar
--and anything else I think off

About RSS: more details are needed before I can comment on it

Most of your ideas seem OK so far.
adtherat From: adtherat Date: September 2nd, 2006 11:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm supraised that security and databases goes over your head? I've written one desktop applications that uses a database backend, (not over a network, but it could do, the app allows for network database)

Hmm, I can understand some of the security is related to networking anyway but even a simple desktop applicaition need to be weary of hacking attempts, (buffer overload, zomg)

Details on "- Formatting, XML, RSS, etc?" That's me thinking about it, should I allow such log to be outputted as an XML or a RSS feed so people could access it. Will there be enought interest in having an XML created for such logging, is it worth it? How should I format the output of such logging?

Might give you a nudge on UI but that's long way down the development ideas
zianchoy From: zianchoy Date: September 3rd, 2006 01:29 am (UTC) (Link)
I've never written or used databases before (unless Excel counts). That's why I'm going to UCI. :)
Ah. Yes. I have a bit of knowledge regarding those things but I usually let the .NET framework or Java handle it.

RSS seems to be good for letting people monitor things over time. Most things probably don't need a RSS feed but it would be nice to have for aggregate data.
adtherat From: adtherat Date: September 3rd, 2006 05:00 am (UTC) (Link)
Hmm, so might be worth it. Hmmmm, in which case, I will need to log it into database. (Can we say... big database? :O)
adtherat From: adtherat Date: September 2nd, 2006 11:16 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thanks =D
fridayuhu From: fridayuhu Date: July 24th, 2012 10:40 am (UTC) (Link)
6 Notes/Ideas or Leave a Note/Idea