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Project Status/Process Post - Project Blue Mood
Project Blue MUD Object Oriented Daemons
Project Status/Process Post
Mood :

Periously Completed Action :
Written some groundwork for CSC

Status :
Working on CSC

Next Plan of Action :

Comments :
I kinda slacked off for awhile, bad me. Stuff in life made me lose a lot of motivations for this. Bad me.
And I really wanted to get somewhere with his. I have to learn to kick myself and just get on with it
rather then be all, "I'm bored.. let play games" If I'm bored, I should go and do this, I got nearly
all the stuff I need to get somewhere with it. (Really need a book mostly). I'm half temped to drop
the OOP design of the codes for something I'm loads more familiar with, then I'll be able to get somewhere
with it, but then I'll have to learn it later on for the game. Maybe. As my brother said, they are two different
styles of doing something, each with their own advantage and disadvantage.
Ah well, let git my butt working on it

Next Milestone :
Simple working echo server with classes

Completed Milestone:
Set up and create a development area in freeBSD that I'm comfortable with
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