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It's not dead, bwaha! - Project Blue Mood
Project Blue MUD Object Oriented Daemons
It's not dead, bwaha!
right now, I'm exploring back into the project, refreshing my mind of what I've done so far. I'm glad I've kept a journal! ^_^
And I'm glad for my brainstorms!

I'm making one big change, I'm dropping the OOP for something I'm more comfortable with for the CSC. THEN I would think about OOP. I know I would need to learn how to do it or simailer once I get into programming side of MMC. I think for the MUD world, it be best to work with objects.

It was wrong of me to not only throw myself into the deep end but to completely change my programming style was just asking for worse.

Secondly, I think I'll drop the high performance and just let that build up on it's own. It's easier to build then test after. You don't write high performance codes straight off. You developet it on your own. Change it here and there, test it, and change it again. I guess I was a
bit big headed.

Thirdly, I could possibly combind the CSC with a webserver. Just an idea.

In the mean time, I'm going to do a bit of reading and refreshing. I got nearly all the time in the world!

Current Mood: tired *yawns*

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