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Project Blue Mood

Project Blue MUD Object Oriented Daemons

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Project Blue Mood(Multi-User Dimension(MUD) Object Oriented Daemons)

The idea behind this project that I started up, is to create a MOO server and within is a fairly powerful programable world with a database backend and to go along side this, I want to creating a website that can exist to help and enhance the gaming experiences of the text based world.

Want to help? :

I am willing to have people join me on this project. There's a huge range of things that you could do, just to list a few.
Website Designer(now - the project page on sourceforge.net, later - game website),
Website Mangement(one to have a website designed and created, another to keep it running),
Game Designer(help me build a game world and more),
Developers(you will need to have a little exprience in C++ and networking)
and more.

So if you feel you can help in some way, feel feel to comment or e-mail me at adtherat at vr-networks.co.uk
And I'm sure as hell love a little support here and there too.